A former Fashion Stylist turned food enthusiast, Alexis Adjei has built an impressive career over the years that only fate could have brought her to. With an undeniable love for sustainable, honest and balanced food, coupled with natural culinary skills led Alexis to establish various successful businesses, with her award-winning healthy food business Gym Bites being among them. 


Off the back of this success, Alexis has been featured in popular publications such as Daily Mail, guest spoken at numerous business events, including Condé Nast International, MINI Park Lane, Virgin Media, and has also spoken at the House of Commons.


Other notable acknowledgements and achievements include being nominated to win 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' PRECIOUS Award in 2016 and being championed by BuzzFeed as one of the 12 British Women ‘Totally Killing the Game’ in business, (See more here) and her inaugural food business Gym Bites winning "WINNERS of BEST Health Food Supplier in South East England 2017" by UK Enterprise Awards. To add to her list of accolades Alexis found herself winning Food Influencer of the year 2018 and recently cooked alongside award-winning Italian chef Francesco Mazzei.


In the same year and a commitment to deepening her knowledge and expertise in the worlds of food and business, Alexis became a MA Food Business Graduate.


The year 2020 sees Alexis happily married to her Award-Winning RIBA Architect and entrepreneurial husband David Adjei, father to their son Ozias Adjei which subsequently led Alexis to bring her 13,000+ followers along her journey as she continues to flourish under the umbrella Home Economist.



With a wealth of experience and continuously being built upon, the mission at is to inspire and encourage women in their careers, marriage, singleness, home, parenting and overall servanthood along a continuous journey to becoming a well balanced multi-purpose woman. Expect to have access to fundamental aspects of her lifestyle which includes her faith and love for Christ, travel, home, health & wellbeing, business ventures and of course her delicious recipes.


And as a gift to her ever-growing community, you can download her FREE e-recipe book which topped over 500 subscription downloads in the first week of its release!



The overarching springboard behind the Alexis Adjei brand can be found in Proverbs 31 which tells of a well-rounded woman. Gifted, ambitious and skilled in business and the keeper of her home. She is loved, honoured and respected in her household and actively looks after the affairs of it. Alexis is of a belief that a woman can truly balance it all.