Hello and welcome to Alexisadjei.com, 


As you may have gathered my name is Alexis; wife to an incredible husband, mother to an adorable little boy and above all, a daughter to the Most High God. With that said you may wonder what a Home Economist is and what it has to do with the aspects of my life listed above.


A Home Economist is one who is invested in the affairs linked to the dynamics of the home. This ranges from but not limited to food, family life and teaching - three areas that I am deeply passionate about and what I hope you will be encouraged by throughout this site.


The goal is to share my gifts with you - one of which is to bring out the home cook in each and every one of you, one balanced and delicious recipe at a time. 

I also aim to inspire both men and women on building up the home, lend inspiration via my relationship with Jesus , share my personal style and the educative methods I use to teach my son amongst many other things. 


Expect to find posts on wellness, lifestyle and announcements as the Alexis Adjei brand continues to grow. Finally, my hope is to ignite a desire in everyone that visits my site to lead a fuller, healthier, balanced, prosperous life!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're here to stay.

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