Back to School: Mastering My Craft

So guys, I have enrolled at The University of West London to study my Masters Postgraduate degree in Business Food Management and to be quite honest with you, I am still shocked I'm going for it. I thought I was done with uni like the majority of you reading this, but I thank God for divine intervention and guidance.

If you've ever read my story, you will know I have never studied anything related to food business apart from the odd short courses, my background has been predominately fashion and media focused before deciding to start a food business which you all know as Gym Bites.

However, I have always loved food but making a profession out of it is a different thing all together. Since starting Gym Bites I have had some really great wins, but I have also made some big mistakes. I had gotten to a place where I was stuck and was literally asking God "What should I do next? What's my next move? Tell me what to dooooo?" - And He told me one morning at 6am in bed "Go and study your masters."

I didn't hesitate, I opened up my phone and started searching for courses. The instruction was so clear, I couldn't ignore it. By that very afternoon I had written up my personal statement, filled out the application and applied directly to the university. By Wednesday I was asked to be interviewed and by Friday I was interviewed and given an unconditional offer. Just. Like. That.

Jacket: Bershka (sold out), Turtle Neck: Zara, Dress: H&M (similar here), Rucksack: Hype @ Asos, Sneakers: Celine Paris

Now, today I sit in the library, writing this to encourage everyone who is thinking about mastering their craft. You don't necessarily need to go and do a postgraduate masters course, but it is NEVER too late to learn. Even if it means buying books and home studying, or taking a night course, whatever form of learning it is, if it will benefit you in the long run, do it. We can never learn too much, do what you need to do to gain the required knowledge, especially if its something you're interested in and hoping to make a career out of.

Make a decision to master your craft and excel... 

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