Black Sesame Salmon Tataki with Apple Coulis

So those of you that followed my second journey in Ghana early over on Instagram this year might of noticed that I ate more Sushi than I definitely eat in the UK. Probably because most of the restaurants out there offer it on their menu whereas in the UK you have to go to a specific restaurant if you want that type of food.

Anyway.... @kozogh was by far my favourite fine dining restaurant out there, we went every week and there was a dish called Salmon Tataki on their menu that I just fell in love with, so much so I ordered it twice in one sitting. I'm not ashamed 🙈.

Salmon Tataki isn't classed as sushi because it isn't rolled or wrapped or served with rice and it's not classed as sashimi per se because it isn't completely raw. Tataki is slightly cooked on the outside and a little raw on the inside.

When I got back home I began to miss my favourite discovery from GH so much that I tried to recreate this very same dish in my kitchen. Firstly next time I need to buy Sushi grade salmon as it's a better cut and has been treated properly to kill parasites that live in raw fish.

I did my research on the salmon I had in my freezer which can only be used for such a dish only if frozen for 7 days plus and at a -4 degrees temperature to kill parasites. Mine had been in the freezer for over a month at -18 so we were good.

Everything was going well until I tried to cut my salmon steak and it began to break after braising in the pan, so the slices weren't as perfect as I would have liked. I served it with an apple purée as Kozo do theirs with a mango one and I dressed it like I was eating in a 5* Michelin restaurant (I was really trying to relive these moments).

Long story short it TASTED like everything I needed and wanted! Definitely a new staple in my kitchen especially when making a 3 course meals or even as lunch time snack.

Would you make this? Let me know in the comments!


Serves: 2

Cooking Time: 5 minutes



1 Sushi Grade Salmon Fillet

1 Jar Apple Coulis

Salt and Pepper to taste

Black or Roasted Sesame Seeds

1-2 tbsp Sesame Seed Oil

Coconut Aminos (Soy Sauce alternative)



Take your salmon fillet and season with salt and pepper to taste. Next sprinkle and

press on the sesame seeds.

In a medium to large pan, add the sesame seed oil and wait for to heat up over

a medium to low heat.

Once the oil has become fragrant, add the salmon and sear all sides for about 45 seconds.

Then place on a plate to cool in the fridge.

Cool in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes before removing

and making beautiful slices.

Garnish with either with spring onions, cress, rocket/baby leaves or beetroot sticks

for high end presentation with a side of the Apple Coulis and Coconut Aminos for



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