Creamy Mushroom & King Prawn Gnocchi

For pasta lovers everywhere, Gnocchi is really just one of those new food crazes, but absolutely worth the hype. If I could eat it everyday I would, however its component is white potato, so maybe not the healthiest choice, however this irresistible, mouth water plate of it my have you breaking a few rules.

I absolutely loved making this dish and eating it of course, after experiencing such a unique tasting pasta in Italy as few years back, I was ecstactic to find that my supermarket had finally stocked them. Its really simple once you know how and takes no time at all. To see more and learn how I made this yummy pasta dish, watch the demo below. x


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 5



 King Prawns 1x pack Potato Gnocchi 1/2 cup Single Cream 1tbsp Cream Cheese 1tbsp Marscapone

Mushrooms Baby Spinach  Parmasean  Garlic Salt Pepper

Fresh Coriander 




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