Making the most of our Nursery Corner

I'll be the first to admit that I would absolutely love to have a separate nursery for my bambino's arrival. A room that I could yet again unleash my inner interior passions and ideas that he would absolutely (or I will) adore.

Thoughts of a rocking chair to help sooth my baby to sleep as he rests in my arms, or a large wardrobe filled with the cutest clothes from now 'til forever. Truth is there is no real rush and although these things are nice, they're not essential since the baby won't really be able to appreciate his own room for some years to come. Plus its advised that newborns are to stay in the same room as their mother for at least the first 6 months of life, so why not make the most of it.

The moment I found out I was pregnant (read here) I started visualising and making room for where we would put the baby's things. Thankfully our bedroom is spacious and even with the crib, changing unit and moses basket we have space to move around. I thought it would be helpful to share some tips for future moms-to-be, so this post I am going to show you how I made the most out of our room to accommodate our soon to come new arrival to the family. 

Depending on the size of your room, you only need 3 main "big" things for your baby. And here is a great tip, try and decorate the nursery corner close to your bedroom theme, ours is very grey with notes of navy, black and gold so I didn't want to stir too much away from what we had going on already, after all we still have to sleep in our grown up room lol.

A Crib/Cot

I made it a point to buy a petite sized cot for the sake of space, I found a very reasonable one on Mama's & Papa's and it was only £79, this didn't include the mattress which was an extra £25, so in total just over £100 considering the prices of some of their cot beds go up to £729!  The only negative here is that you won't be able to just purchase the widely available fitted cot sheets due to the size of the cot. Most cots and cot sheets are the same standard size. However, all was not lost, I found some great quality organic cotton flat sheets over on Amazon that worked perfect. 

My husband found the baby's cot very easy to build, so most should have no problems getting it up and ready! Once you've built it you can start filling it with cute little accessories and toys. P.s. I am aware that baby's should sleep in a cot with absolutely nothing inside, this is literally for aesthetic purposes. 

Above the baby's cot my husband helped me mount these really simple wall box shelves and hung up prints to add some finishing touches to the area. The wall stickers add that extra bit of cuteness not to mention how cheap they were and simple to use. These are all linked below. 

TIP Worried about your baby's hair balding? Place silk or satin material where he/her head will rest. Fibres in cotton are the cause of baby balding due to the constant friction.

Cot Bumper: Amazon

Knitted Rattle Elephant: Amazon 

Satin Material: Amazon

Cot Mobile: Mama's & Papa's (cheaper on Amazon)

Grey Knitted Teddy: Gift

White Rabbit: Gift

Wall Stickers: Amazon

Prints: Myself from Google

'You are so loved' Print: The Letter Well

Frames: Ikea

Wall Box Shelves: Amazon

White Teddy: Amazon

Miffy Rattle: Amazon

Baby Video Monitor: Amazon

Silver Rattle (not a toy): Gift

The baby monitor camera you can see on top of the middle shelf was listed as one of our baby shower gifts, its inexpensive at just £49.99 and comes with some really useful features such as lullaby's, temperature monitoring, two way communication and night vision. 

Moses Basket

The moses basket was purchased for the sake of being mobile with the baby around the flat. So as opposed to leaving the baby to sleep on his own in the room during naps I can just place him in the moses basket next to me in the living room whilst I'm working, watching my shows or picking nails, you get the idea. I added the one I loved onto our baby shower list via Amazon and it was bought as a gift for our baby shower. Its a sturdy, hand woven wicker basket and comes with a rocker which is very very useful in terms of helping to relax your baby. Buy it here.

I also purchased a Babymoov Cosydream to place inside of the moses basket and the cot to help with the baby's head as we really do not want a case of flat head syndrome which is common in newborns. As their heads are so soft, bones are still fusing together and the head shape can be altered due to them laying down majority of the time. This eventually causes the back of their heads to become flat. The Babymoov helps prevent this.

Baby Changing Unit 

Where the magic happens. The possibility of opening a nappy on the changing unit and being baptised with fresh baby pee if you're lucky or shooting bursts of baby poop if you're not so lucky. Either way this unit needs to be well equipped, stocked and sturdy. I knew which baby changing unit I wanted from the beginning and I found the perfect one at Ikea. One that was extendable with space for baby essentials and also clothes. What I do love about the changing unit is that you can fold it back and have all the space back.

Wooden Hanging Shelf: Amazon

Prints: Google

Frames: B&M

Wooden Block Calendar: Similar here

Draw Dividers: Amazon

Changing Mat: Amazon

Home Diaper Bag/Organiser: Amazon

And thats all folks! I hope this post helps and answers a lot of the questions you have. I had tons of questions about where I bought what via Instagram (if you're not following me, what are you waiting for?!). I hope I haven't missed anything out but if you guys have any questions at all, don't be afraid to reach out. Also let me know what you think? Did I do a good job of making the most of the space I had? I hope this inspires you to do the same and not be disheartened if you don't have a whole Nursery for your little tot! Remember, Jesus was born in manger and he loved it all the same. 

Happy Nursery Decorating! x

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