Minimooning in Spain

I know, I know, I know... How can it possibly take me almost FIVE months to write this blog post? I know... The truth is, life will come at you very quickly if you're not ready, and the truth is, I was not ready for what I had to face after getting traditionally married. Look out for my next post 'When Life Hits You' and you can read all about what I am rambling on about there.

This particular post (long time coming) is about my and my hubby's impromptu Minimoon away to Spain after our manic but beautiful blessed traditional wedding. We felt like we needed to get away and just enjoy some sacred time together. Prior to the 'trad' (traditional wedding), we hadn't seen each other for a week, and I had been fasting and praying to God like crazy to perfect the day and the beginning of our forever, so we didn't think twice the day after it was all over and decided to get on a plane to anywhere the sun was shining. 


We decided to book Spain as neither of us had ever been, its was approximately 18-22 degrees out there on average, Spanish food, from my experiences has always been good, so we thought why not.

We flew into Barcelona and hired a cute black Fiat 500 as our hotel was in Tossa De Mar, approximately 1 hr 30 minute drive away. A taxi would have set us back 150 Euros, and ‘Sheila’ (we named our Fiat 500 Sheila) cost 6 euros per day. The choice was obvious. Once all the due diligence was completed, we hopped in and began our road trip. I remember looking at the clear sky, and felling the warm breeze as I wound down my window and thanked God in my heart. He had done it, for me, for us and I was extremely grateful, I am somebodies wife.

The drive to the hotel was a little scary, it had gotten dark realised we were driving up and around some sort of mountain cliff, If you’ve ever watched Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear driving a super car on the edge of what looks like a cliff you know exactly what I am talking about. Thankfully we reached our destination in one piece and checked into Golden Mar Menuda, a 4* boutique hotel right on the sandy beach of Tossa De Mar.



The hotel was cute with modern interior, personally I felt that more design thought went into the hotel its self, rather than the rooms. The first room we were given was spacious, but the view wasn’t great. After explaining to our hostess that we had just been traditionally married and we’d like a room with a balcony and beach views, she kindly changed our room and surprised with a handwritten note, and a bottle of bubbly, which was thoughtful and sweet. (Sadly lost some of our picture files so I can't show you guys.) We indeed had to compromise on he room space, however it was definitely worth it as the view was breathtakingly beautiful.

One negative about this particular hotel is that they had no iron and no laundry facilities, and of course I packed a whole bunch of stuff that needed ironing, little shirt dresses and playsuits that needed starch, steam and then some! I ended up only  literally wearing black summer dress from H&M, Gucci slides, grey Bershka jeans, a Primark t-shirt with my Golden Goose Deluxe sneakers during my entire time in Tossa De Mar. Annoying to say the least but hey, in all things we must be grateful!

Dress: H&M - Old 

Sliders: Gucci - Available here

Clutch: Jill Sander - Available here

Now for my favourite part the FOOD! Oh my, let me just tell you something, one area that was not compromised on, not even a little bit, was the FOOD. We booked half-board rooms, which meant that we only dined at the hotels restaurant, Sacalma for breakfast and Dinner. Breakfast was between 7:30am - 10am and dinner was from 7pm – 10pm.


Was a buffet of pleasantries, croissants, bakes, a variety of Spanish breads, hams, cheeses and of course the little lady who served us the most delicious omelettes each morning.


Was an à la cart menu, mostly seafood which I did not complain about! The menu was mainly in Spanish and any translations printed weren’t very clear, so on the first night I ordered something that wasn’t so great to be very honest, but that’s because it was something other than I thought. I would recommend ‘googling’ what’s on the menu so you know EXACTLY what you’re ordering. That’s what I did, and every night from the first, my heart skipped and toes wriggled at the thought of dinner at the hotels Restaurant Sacalma.


I honestly do not know… That’s the truth. I don’t actually know what you guys can do there, because I went there to do absolutely nothing. I went to chill, relax, lap up some sun rays and enjoy my new husband. This trip was a little different from the ones we’ve been on together, usually there’s an itinerary with our day to day activities, however this was our ‘Minimoon’ and as we were only planning to be in Spain for 4 days, we were going to make the most of our sacred time together before we headed home to reality.


The town is really small and filled with authentic Spanish restaurants with some of the most traditional, fresh Spanish food you’ll ever try. Ya’ll know that sea bass is bae, if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ll know its my favourite fish to eat ever! If you’re a fishy eater like me, I recommend visiting Restaurant Minerva and ordering their whole Grilled Sea Bass and Gambas Pil Pil.


Other than long walks down the hill and admiring the beautiful views along the beach, we did actually did book a little cheap excursion, it was boat trip to another island, which actually turned out ok, better than I expected anyway.

The excursion included up close and personal views of the fascinating caves in the sea. We actually went deep into some of them which was an unforgettable and enchanting experience.  The sea tour lasted about 45 minutes and then we were dropped off on another beach, which was small, quite and secluded, we grabbed lunch there, before heading back to the hotel to leave for Barcelona.

Our flight was cancelled by British Airways, which was frustrating and annoying. This was apparently due to the protesting and strikes happening and no flights were going out till the next day. So what was meant to be a 4 day Minimoon, turned into 5 day vacay. Fortunately, my husband is very clued up on all these things and managed to claim compensation for the inconvenience. We were compensated for an extra night an all extra food and travel expenses. Sweet.




We drove back from Tossa De Mar and checked into Pol & Grace, a contemporary, metropolitan hotel in the midst of the busy city of Barcelona. What I adored about this hotel was the intricate personal touches and details on every corner. The neutral tones and interior made us feel at home. Theres no pool or spa services at this hotel, it is very basic in terms of a wide range of services however, our bedroom was HUGE, biggest bed I’ve ever slept in and our balcony overlooked the trees and the hustle and bustle of the Spanish streets. Here's a plus, they had an iron! So I got to wear both of my favourite shirt-dresses lol.


We booked a bed and breakfast room as our new flight was scheduled the next day. Breakfast was lovely, I mean, can you really get breakfast wrong? One cool touch was, unlike most hotels, Pol & Grace allow you to make your own tea bags from scratch. You can imagine how excited I was, a range or organic tea leaves with unbleached organza tea bags to pop them in. I was living my best life. Lol!



Saturday evening whilst still in Tossa De Mar, I suggested to my husband that we find a church to go to on Sunday morning. As Christians, my husband and I take our faith very seriously and it’s something we are proud of. So if you’re ever out in Spain on a Sunday, visit International Church of Barcelona, the service was based on the word and we we’re blessed to witness a baptism service, which was extremely moving spiritually. The Church also have multiple English speaking services throughout the day and they’re established in most European countries, so they’re not limited to Spain.




Barcelona, the City I fell in love with over and over again.  A you know this part of the trip was unplanned, and city trips tend to be a bit more active, so we planned a few things to do. We hopped into Sheila and drove to see the famous chapel, Sagrada Familia, although we didn’t get to go inside (we missed the last entry) the façade was breathtaking, so I can only imagine what the inside looked like. The next time I’m in Barcelona I will definitely book a tour.

Shirt Dress: Zara - Sold out, similar available here

Sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand - available here



Whilst in the quest for Pan Asian food, (yes I was in Spain and didn’t feel like Spanish food) we found a place however it was closed till 6pm, so to kill time we stopped by NuBar for a cocktail or two. The ambience is very similar to Hakkasan restaurant, dark and solace. The service was friendly and the drinks weren’t disappointing at all.


After our drinks, it was time to head on back to the Japanese restaurant we found called Miu Japones. The menu was a little overpriced but the food was really good. I really enjoyed their Sushi options and their rice dishes. If careful research is done I think you could find somewhere with food just as good but for less, other than the price factor the food was delicious, service was great and the ambience, fab!




I feel like we did all the main tourist attraction stuffs in Barcelona, if you’ve been I am sure you’ve seen these tourist attractions before, but as you know this was unplanned and our first time in Barcelona so we didn’t do to bad. On our last day, we took a taxi to see Arc de Triomf, the historic arch in the heart of Barcelona. We walked through and marvelled at its splendour, the weather was bright and sunny with clear blue skies, so we made the most of it and managed to take some great snaps.


We then walked through the Arc to Ciutadella Park created in 1800, it had an inside zoo, boating lakes, historical buildings and museums. We took a romantic walk through, we stopped to capture the beautiful sites and headed off to find food as our flight time was slowly approaching.

Shirt Dress: Self Portrait - Similar available here

Sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand - available here



Now if you’re a vegan/vegetarian, look away now! Just close this page because the amount of juicy meat that’ll bamboozle you as you scroll down will have you feeling a type of way. You have been WARNED! If you’re a meat eater, then I highly recommend this quiet, boutique restaurant, situated in the middle of a romantic, local public square amongst two or three other restaurants with outdoor dining, not to mention the romantic stroll through the narrow streets and tall buildings leading up to the place.

Now the food served at La Boucherie is really not for the faint hearted. It is lamb, beef, chicken which is either smoked, grilled, baked, to (falling off the bone) perfection! Served with a choice of roasted potatoes or rice, and that is it. This was hands down the best meal I had in Spain. Not to mention the superb service from the chef and waiter. I absolutely love this place and it was the perfect last supper in the beautiful city of Barcelona.


I hope you guys enjoyed my Tossa De Mar and Barcelona review, it is a bit here and there as I didn't plan on documenting it, either way I hope you guys enjoy the read and the photos.

Have you guys been to Tossa De Mar or Barcelona? If so, I’d love to hear your holiday stories, please comment below! I am also thinking of my next get away, so if you guys have any suggestions, sharing is caring!

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