My top 10 Kitchen Tools & Utensils

I often get questions about the type of things I use in my kitchen to get the best results out of my food, so in this post, I'll be sharing my top TEN kitchen tools and utensils.

1. Food Processor

A food processor is a great kitchen tool to have and will cut down your time in the kitchen to halves. It's brilliant for chopping, mixing and grinding. I usually use it to blitz ingredients and create textured sauces, chutney's and puree's,  it can be used to make for example, cauliflower rice by blitzing it into rice-like pieces. The creative options with a food processor are endless.

2. Blender

Similar to a Food Processor but quicker and better for things like your morning smoothie, soups, sauces and also really smooth puree's, as mentioned I used the Food Processor more when I am looking for texture. Honestly though I don't know one household that gets by without a blender, definitely no African household. Haha!

3. Juicer

If you want poppin' skin from the inside out! You gonna need that juicer! (See my video on Skin Poppin' Juice) I personally don't juice very much during the winter periods just because even on a hot summers day, you'll still catch me with a tea or hot cup of coffee, however, I tend to juice more during spring and summer because there's nothing like freshly made juice to hydrate you and quickly give you all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that you need retained from fresh fruit and vegetables. There are some expensive ones and can be a pain to clean, depending on the type you get, but mine is from Tesco and its only £30!

4. Grill Pan

My best friend. I am an avid eat-anything-and-make-anything chargrilled kinda cook, and a lot of the time if I am just making a meal for myself and my husband then it's my go-to kitchen ESSENTIAL! From grilled salmon to grilled chicken thighs to grilled halloumi and even grilled asparagus. It's so quick and easy, makes food look so good with those grilled lines. If you really want to impress your friends and family and make them think they're eating from a Texas BBQ joint, I recommend a grill pan in every kitchen.

5. Bamboo Steamer

Once deriving from Chinese and Japanese cooking traditions and is now used all over the world in everyday cooking. I love using mine because unlike boiling veg, steaming helps to retain all the minerals and vitamins including the flavour and colour of the food which is usually lost when you boil it. I also bought mine as I am crazy about pan-Asian food and I'm really dying to try and make steamed Korean Bao Buns. I'll let you know how those go. lol.

6. Jars 

I have these because I make a lot of my own sauces, jams, marinades, anything really that I need to store away in the fridge. Tupperware tends to take up too much space and doesn't look aesthetically pleasing to be quite honest. lol

7. Milk Bottles 

Nope, not for cows milk to deliver to your neighbours. I use these handy little bottles to store my freshly made juices and also if I need to grab one the go. Great for family gatherings and BBQs.

8. Glass Mixing Bowls

Now a day, I find myself using my glass mixing bowls for everything. If I need to defrost fish, season chicken, to toss a salad in, whisk pancake batter, the list just goes on. They're very handy and great for a number of things, plus it stops you from reaching for pots and actual food plates.

9. Pastry Brush 

How ironic is it that I don't actually use my pastry brush for pastry, ever. If we're talking about marinating a succulent piece of lamb or a whole chicken for a Sunday roast, then we use it. It is really just a handy utensil to have, especially if you're not in the mood to use your hands. 

10. Garlic Press

If you need to kill time, love fresh garlic and ginger but hate fussing and fiddling with it, then you need a garlic presser. Personally I don't particularly mind chopping or grating, but if I need to save time in the kitchen, then I am reaching for the handheld presser. 

Honestly, peeps, just a few essentials in the kitchen can make your cooking experience a lot more pleasurable, not to mention help you reduce the stress levels whilst cooking. You don't need fancy or expensive equipment, add a few of the above to your wish list and you're on your way to being a better and efficient cook!


Did you purchase any of my kitchen faves?

Please share online and show me how you utilised your latest kitchen utensils! Comment, post on Instagram with #LexInspiredMe.

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