New(ish) Abode: Living Room Haul

So a few weeks back I did a quick poll on Instagram asking my followers what they would like to see more of. To be fair I have been a lot more active on my Instagram stories, giving my followers more of insight of my day to day happenings, one being our fairly new place. We moved here about 4 months ago and there's actually still quite a bit to do, I have my eye on some wall paintings, new cushions, plants and a coffee table we're still yet to get. There isn't really much now, but I thought I'd share anyway and update with new posts as I go along.

Our living space was inspired by both mine and my husbands tastes. I had more of an influence of course but it didn't come without compromise. Him being an architect who takes pride in design comes as a blessing and a .... erm, lets just say I had to plead my case with certain things lol. For example I wanted a teal coloured or dark blue velvet sofa, he wanted grey. As you can see from the photos we had to compromise. 

With that said our cute little home is coming along nicely. Below I have linked where we purchased most of our bits.

Arm Chair & Stool: Bedzonline

3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa: Wayfair

Striped Cushion: Dunelm

My favourite item from our living space has to be the sofa and the arm chair. Still thinking about getting another armchair but undecided on whether it should be grey or teal. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Grey Cushions: Dunelm

Mustard Throw: Dunelm

I love what this knitted mustard throw does to our living space, it was originally in the bedroom but I moved it to the living room when our sofa came. It just adds that little pop of colour which I think pairs well with our grey base and teal undertones. I am also considering adding teal coloured cushions to our sofa to complement the armchair.



Shaggy Rug: Dunelm

Between us, I am not sure how many books we own, and we still have loads in storage that we have no room for. Our dream is to have a library once we get our family home, with books in shelves reaching the ceiling.

Side Table:

Copper Vase: Habitat

Diffusers: Aldi

Oil/Wax Burner: Amazon

Faux Blossom Flowers: Dunelm

Would love to know your thoughts on my first home decor post, please leave your comments below, let me know if you'd like to see more and keep up to date with me on Instagram where I post a lot more frequently. x

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