Tackling Pregnancy Acne

If you're one of the lucky ones who had perfect skin throughout their entire pregnancy, this post is still for you! lol. Fortunately this all natural homemade remedy can be used to tackle every day acne too, so really its a win win!

I mention breifly in my post how much or little I've suffered from acne since expecting and it wasn't till I had my eyelash appointment with The Lash Line and Aisha my lash technician said after all my pregnancy moaning "oh please these little spots are nothing, all you need is a good clay mask". 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I am all about natural products, from food right down to skin care, so when she made that statement, I thought duh! I have a whole tub of natural Aztec Bentonite Clay at home. I kid you not ladies and gents, I did my homemade treatment twice over one week and once the next and all my little village of forehead pimples were gone! This treatment is a keeper and totally safe for you and baby.

First I used my homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin and then applied my clay mask for the best results. See below for both recipes. My sugar scrub also doubles up as a mask so on days your skin just needs that extra bit of moisture, scrub, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off! x



Sugar Scrub 

100g Muscavo (fine) Brown Sugar

4 tbsp Raw Organic Honey

2 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil



Mix all parts together till there are no lumps and you have a thick consistency,

if too runny just add more sugar, if too thick, melt some coconut oil and add or add more honey. 

Dampen for skin with warm water, take a generous amount of the sugar scrub and start gently working it in and exfoliating away. Don't for get your neck!

Once satisfied with your scrub, rinse off with warm water, pat dry your face with a towel and store the rest away of your scrub in a glass or BPA free plastic container in cool and dry place.



Clay Mask

1 1/2 tbsp Natural Bentonite Clay

1/2 Organic Rosehip Oil

1/2 Olive Oil

2 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 

4 tbsp Filtered Water 



Mix all parts together till you have a smooth paste with little or no lumps.

Should be enough for two people so get someone else involved.

My victim is usually my husband. 

Using your hands (for smoother application), take a generous amountand apply all over face and neck. 

Leave until completely dry and you feel like you cant part your lips lol. 

Rinse off with warm water. Once skin is clay free, splash some cold water to close your pores and pat dry. Your skin should feel and look AMAZING!

Moisturise your face and neck with my homemade Shea Butter Cream. 


Did you make this recipe?

Please share it with me so I can see your amazing take on this and how it turned out! Leave your comments, post on Instagram with #LexInspiredMe.

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