Whipped Shea & Cocoa Butter with Lavender

I'm back with my self-care Saturdays where I share my natural beauty hacks and recipes to help keep you ladies and gents glowing! It took me longer than anticipated to get round to doing this. My homemade Whipped Shea butter finished weeks ago and as you've guessed... Time and tiredness just did not permit.

But hooray! I finally made a new batch, so much that there was enough for mummy, daddy and baby to have their own jar of my deliciously smelling Whipped Shea & Cocoa Butter with Lavender.

My last butter recipe is different to this one, as this one is more creamy, buttery and solidifies a little after resting. Plus theres a lot less steps.

I love this recipe because it so versatile. The essential oil that is lavender is great for my skin and any lingering eczema dry patches. I also use the butter in mine and my son's hair to help lock moisture into our coils using the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream). Would you guys like me to document my natural hair routines? If so please comment on here or on Instagram

Honestly the use for this buttery cream is endless. As mentioned in my last recipe, I get my batches of Shea Butter from Nigeria. I should be getting more in May/June. If you're interested in buying raw, organic and unprocessed Shea Butter from me, please send an email to, with the subject line "Shea Butter".

See further for the recipe. Please note I didn't measure this recipe, which personally I don't think you need to, just add more or as little of what you want.



Organic Shea Butter 

Organic Coconut Oil 

Organic Cocoa Butter

Organic Lavender Oil 

Organic Rose Hip Oil

Organic Omega 3.6.9 Oil 


What you'll need:

Hand Mixer

Mixing Bowl

Storage Jar (avoid plastic containers)

Medium Sauce Pan 




In a sauce pan cut some of the cocoa butter into as it can be very hard 

and you would need to melt it first. 

Shea Butter texture is a lot softer raw when in warmish room temperatures so 

you can just add the amount you want into the mixing bowl. 

Next add lavender oil, rose hip oil, omega oil and coconut oil into the 

mixing bowl. 

Once the cocoa butter has melted add it to the rest of the ingredients and 

using the hand whisk carefully whip the mixture until completely smooth

like the image above. 

Distribute into jars immediately once satisfied with texture of the butter. 

PLEASE NOTE: Butter may solidify a little but will still be creamy, buttery and soft.


Did you make this recipe?

Please share it with me so I can see your amazing take on this and how it turned out! Leave your comments, post on Instagram with #LexInspiredMe.

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