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Brunch @ Fifi's

June 23, 2017





Let's face it, you guys have been telling me to open my own restaurant since I was knee high, knew how to pick up a spoon and feed myself. Be rest assured, I never ignored your cries & ever since  I’ve been thinking about the best way to share my delicious meals with you all. Believe it or not after years of pondering and forcing my brain cells to work some what a little harder, I have something exciting in the pipeline!


“Hooray" you say? 


As you may or may not know brunch is my thing and definitely my favourite meal of the day... But! This isn't about me, it's about you guys, FINALLY experiencing more than a mouth watering, what may even be deemed as a hunger punishment, Instagram post. 


Sooooo that we're all happy, (after I said it's not about me but now I've conveniently made it about you and me) I'll will be hosting a Brunch Clubs every Saturday!


"No way!" you say? 

("Yes Sway!")


At this point you're all thinking "yeah this is great", "this is fantastic", "this is awesome...!" but who or what on earth is FiFi? :/


Well... for most of my entire adult life I hid the fact that my middle name is Felicia, I despised it even more so in 2013 when the whole #ByeFelicia epidemic resurfaced and my nearest and dearest found any sorry sentence that made sense or not to insert this abrupt phrase and ridicule me! However as I've learnt through my experiences in the last few years to love every aspect of myself, INCLUDING the middle name my grandmother gave me, so I present to you my cute abbreviated version FiFi ...


(Thanks Grammy!)


Tickets for Brunch @ Fifi's will go live in a few weeks including a full menu to get your pre-tastebuds going, but I'll encourage you all to register your interest today to avoid being disappointed and missing out on the best brunch you'll ever have in your entire life! (Call me dramatic its fine). 



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