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Vegan Nutty Butter Protein Energy Balls

April 10, 2018

This Spring/Summer I plan on trying my hand at more healthy baked/non baked sweet treats. I have always called myself a “hopeless baker” but you are what you manifest, so I am going to challenge myself and bring you guys my healthy take on your favourite desserts and treats, starting with these Protein Energy Balls. Pop one or two of these into your mouth after a workout session or for a midday snack. They're so yummy, you wouldn't believe they're actually good for you!


Prep Time: 30 mins

Setting Time: 30 mins 

Servings:18 - 20 balls

Shelf Life: 1 week 


3 cups Organic Rolled Oats

1/2 - 3/4 cup of Almond or Coconut milk

1/2 cup Milled Flaxseeds 

3 tbsp Pea Protein 

1 tbsp Coconut & Almond Butter

1 1/2 tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter 

2 tbsp Agave Nectar

Handful Coconut Flakes 

1 tbsp Chia Seeds 

1 tsp Cocoa Powder

1/4 Cinnamon Powder




In a mixing bowl, or food processor (on low), pour in all the ingredients EXCEPT for your choice of milk. Start to mix all the components together, whilst simultaneously adding the milk in drops till everything is combined. You should have a solid, thick, dough like consistency.


Using your hand, take a medium pinch size portions and roll the mix in between the palms of your hands till you create an even sized ball. 

Repeat these steps until you have used up all your mixture. 


Now you've created all your balls, sprinkle with cocoa powder along with the coconut flakes and set in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes.


Once set, try not to eat them all at once. Enjoy!




Did you make this recipe?


Please share it with me so I can see your amazing take on this and how it turned out! Leave your comments, post on Instagram with #LexiesRecipes and #AlexisAdjei 

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