A Week with The Mini Clubman

November 27, 2018

I am always grateful when a brand chooses me to collaborate, I mean there are so many influencers out there, with greater followers etc but like a needle in a haystack, I seem to stand out enough and be different enough to work with. 


A few weeks back I was invited down as a guest speaker to MINI Park Lane ‘Born to Be Iconic’ event for entrepreneurs. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that such a prestigious company with years of reputation would want to work with little old me, (God’s favour). 




As you can guess, one thing leads to another and I have managed to build an amazing relationship with the guys from MINI Park Lane which lead to this incredible opportunity. It’s funny because everything is just right on time. Hubby and I currently car shopping as our family is growing from 3 to 3! So it only made sense to test drive one of the bigger the MINI’s. In this case, it was the Mini Clubman. 


Initially, when we had agreed on the Clubman, I wasn't sure how I’d take to it as I am personally more of a fan of the Countryman, but that was prior to driving the Clubman. The collar worked out perfectly, I had it on a very busy week, events, graduation, shopping, baby shower, it was all going off, so it was a good way to really test out the quality and features of the Clubman. 


I picked up the car, it was all black, the interior was all black too which I found very sleek. The car was fully kitted, top spec features, buttons and little gadgets to get you excited. If you didn’t know MINI’s are actually manufactured and designed by BMW, so you’re actually spoilt with some great features. This I had to be mindful of, however, as lovely as it all was, having all the bells and whistles equate to a lot of 'mula' (cash), so I tried not to get too carried away. 


Below I list what I loved, liked and didn't like about this car, you can also watch my 1 minute Instagram clip of me whipping around in this cutie here.

What I loved about the MINI Clubman


  • The Size. For a family car, it definitely works. The inside is very spacious and this particular 5 door model comes with three seats at the back, so plenty room for some more babies lol. 


  • The Interior Design. It was sleek, with beautiful leather finishes, the steering wheel was a beauty to hold and manoeuvre. From the video, you can see that the inside just can't be faulted. Too buff!


  • The Boot or trunk as the American’s would call it. I like the unconventional double doors which can pop open with the use of the car key remote or if you just lightly press the back handles as per the video, (watch the video!). Also, the size of the boot was considerable large, straight away I thought can I get my babies buggy in there? Thankfully you can still extend the boot space by folding away the top layer, making it much deeper and if you really need space, the back seats recline totally flat, useful for moving or travelling (without kids lol).


  • Apple Play. Now, this is a feature I found most beneficial. Being able to connect my phone and have my apps on the display screen was a bonus! Apps like Waze for navigation and Spotify for music were used daily. 


  • Heated Leather Seats. Now I know that most new cars come with this feature, however, I drive a little Renault Megan and this bitter cold, I didn't miss an opportunity to press that button and crank up the heat. 


  • The Mini Hologram. This pops up whenever you press the key to lock or unlock the car. Not an essential but definitely fun to have.


What I liked about the MINI Clubman


  • The Sunroof. I thought that this was a pretty cool feature because again this is an extra feature you’d have to request, but I definitely recommend it as it has a way of bringing this outside in if that makes sense. 


  • Driving Modes. It was great to have a choice of driving modes in the car, sports and green (eco). Unfortunately, I didn't get to use the sports mode, I stayed green in a bid to do my part for the environment. However, if I was on a long drive to Manchester or something, I’d definitely put it in sports.


  • SOS. Now in any given circumstance, we pray this is a feature we wouldn't have to use, but MINI have cleverly installed an emergency SOS button on the roof of their cars in case of an emergency. This is for when you can't reach your phone or your phone is out of signal range. 


What I disliked about the MINI Clubman. 


  • The Circle Controller. I found myself still using the touch display screen whilst driving, the reason being the controller is in a very odd position, just a little too far to the back. I thought initially it was because of seat position, however, my husband complained about the same thing. 


  • Seating Adjustments. 2/3 were fine to find without actually looking down the side of the seat. The one I found myself having the most trouble to find without looking was the backrest reclining leaver. It was so bad that I had to pull over on a few occasions, open the door and look down to find the leaver just to adjust my seating position. 


  • Child Lock. A very minor dislike. I mean for a car that's kitted with all the bells an whistles you’d expect a just a simple button to activate the child lock. I found it strange that a 2018 MINI would still require you to open the rear doors and click the little metal leaver in the side of the door to activate the child lock. Very old school. 

In a nutshell, I would recommend the MINI Clubman, especially as a young family car. I personally think I looked great in it but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that! If I remember anything else I’ll be sure to update the post, and questions please leave a comment or message me via Instagram. Finally, if you're interested in treating yourself to the MINI Clubman this Christmas, keep an eye out for MINI Park Lane’s Sales event from 3rd - 9th December which will have exclusive Christmas offers. 


Big thank you to MINI Park Lane for loaning me this beauty for a week, it was an absolute lifesaver and a joy to drive, I am so so grateful and I can't wait to work with you guys again! 


Thanks for reading x

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