Schools Out: Mastered my Craft

November 22, 2018

Some people see University as no big deal. But for someone who didn't do exactly amazing in the first time round this was a very big deal to me and you’d know all about if you’ve read my post on ‘Back to School: Mastering your Craft’. The decision to return and face my educational fears was that of a spiritual one, an instruction from God Himself and I one I had to follow. I remember feeling scared but optimistic when starting my Masters Degree in Food Business. Scared because my business Gym Bites wasn't performing to standard and now here I was taking on another commitment, but optimistic to learn what I could to either save it or to be quite frank move on, get my degree and try something new. I had to trust where God was leading me.



Well it gives me great pleasure to say I am now MA Food Business Graduate. 18 months of mastering my craft and actually getting to know the ins and outs of food business has come to a splendid end, and theres nothing more satisfying than being rewarded a Merit and achieving more than I did the first time. Would you believe me if I told you I had multiple visions of myself pregnant, with my husband at my SISTERS graduation long before I ever knew I would even come back to education, I didn't even have a boyfriend let alone married lol! But as you've guessed, it was never my sister graduation, but my own. It's God so funny? 


Its so bazaar how I ended up studying at University of West London (UWL) in the first place as it was the first university that came up in my google search and I literally just clicked on it. Can I just say that this journey was definitely ordained! The opportunities I had been blessed with, I honestly don’t think it would be the same case if I decided to study anywhere else. During my time at UWL I was one of 6 students nominated to work with the Innovative Food Lab and create a new product that would go into market 2019 which I honestly can not wait to share it with you all! 


It was a long road, and studying did not come without its challenges. I felt the enemy was testing me in more ways than one and believe it or not the second semester almost saw me defer the rest of my year due to the loss of my beloved auntie. However I thank God for His mercies and giving me the strength and the motivation to continue through. My final submission which was a 10,000+ word portfolio was completed during my pregnancy in the summers heat and I can tell you that logging onto social media and watching all my peers play in the sun had me with slight envy. But again I was painting a much bigger picture and I thank God for discipline and allowing me to stay focused.


Dress: Asos 

Heels: Salvatore Ferragamo, available at Farfetch 


I’m going to end this post by thanking my family who supported me through this journey, especially my brainbox of a husband and I also want to encourage anyone reading this right now to take that step of faith in the direction that God has been calling you. As His word says…


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” - Jeremiah 29 vs11


You might feel like you’re taking a step back (as I did) but in the words of Marbies Kitchen, you're actually ‘Failing Forward’. Earlier last week, two days before I graduated to be precise, I had the opportunity to sit down with Marbs on her Podcast and share with her audience what it means to fail forward. I encourage you guys to have a listen and be inspired. 


Thanks for reading.





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