March 12, 2018

I know, I know, I know... How can it possibly take me almost FIVE months to write this blog post? I know... The truth is, life will come at you very quickly if you're not ready, and the truth is, I was not ready for what I had to face after getting traditionally marrie...

May 30, 2017

This was actually my second time in Thailand, I travelled to Bangkok back in 2012 for a business trip and was literally there for 72 hours. 

This time I was there for 13 whole days, back in November 2016 and the weather was perfect with an average of 29 degree...

April 30, 2017

I've always been one of those people that when things get too stressed out, I just, need, to, get, away! And I haven't changed and to be honest I don't think I will. Although I have my faith and Christ to get me through every situation, I find that taking a break from...

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